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It all starts with a simple photo.

Just upload your photo in jpg format for example, and within 24 hours maximum we will prepare for you a beautiful 3D image, ready for engraving in the crystal glass of your choice. 

We can convert a face, half body, full body, animal, car or building from a regular photo to 3D form.

The following table shows the cost for 2D to 3D service. Keep in mind that you will then add the cost for the crystal of your choice.

1 Person head/bust only 14.00
1 Person half body or 1 Animal 15.00
1 Person full body or 1 Vehicle or 2 Person half body or 2 Animal or 1 Small Building 23.00
2 Person full body or 2 Vehicle or 3 Person half body or 3 Animal 32.00
3 Person full body or 1 Big Building or 4 Person half body or 4 Animal 41.00
4 Person full body or 5 Person half body 50.00
5 Person full body or 6 Person half body 59.00
6 Person full body or 7 Person half body 68.00
7 Person full body or 8 Person half body 77.00
8 Person full body or 9 Person half body 86.00



I. Head/Bust only means no hands or arms involved

II. Half Body means till waist

II. Full body is applied as soon as parts from waist downwards are involved